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maandag 7 april 2014

NEWZ! Discount code at E.L.F. ^ ^

OMGGG! ^ ^ One of my fave webshops has a 10% DISCOUNT code this week! E.L.F. already is a super cheap brand! In heaven ^ ^ Just ordered heaps of makeup! ^ ^♡¤♡¤♡ The code is: WEEK have fun ladies!
OMGGG! ^ ^ Een van mijn favo makeup webwinkels: heeft deze week een kortingscode van 10%! Het is al zo'n goedkoop merk! Ik ben in de hemel ^ ^ Net een een hoop makeup besteld! ^ ^ de kortingscode is 'WEEK'. Veel plezier meiden!

REVIEW: L'Oréal Nutri Lift Gold Foundation!

Hi everyone! Here is my review of the L'Oréal Nutri Lift Gold Foundation! In my search of the perfect foundation I found this one at Etos, I bought mine in the shade 250 Sand. Here is a picture of the bottle: 
This foundation has serum built into it and they claim to contain various types of anti-aging and radiance producing ingredients meant to hide fine lines including real gold particles?! Wauw, that sounds impressive! ^ ^ But being a true makeup fanatic, I need to see to believe! :D Oh and also SPF20, that's always a plus!
The texture: The foundation has a creamy texture and looks like any other regular foundation:

Instantly I love the colour, although the Etos shop where I bought it didn't have a wide range of colours to pick from (unfortunately!)

Application: I first applied a normal cream on my face and then my Flormar primer, because that is part of my daily routine ^ ^ after that I applied the foundation with a brush and instantly I could see and feel the serum in the foundation: it smooths out effortlessly onto the skin. After that I grabbed my beauty blender and I pressed the foundation into my skin, creating a flawless complexion. Here are some pictures on my hand during the Tryout:

Results: at first I was in makeup heaven, but when the foundation dried I noticed that it became quite matte. If you have an oily skin type I believe this could be THE perfect foundation for you, because the coverage is good: medium to high coverage. Easily sheer application for a very natural look and easy to build up to full coverage covering all blemishes and an even perfect skin. But for me having dry skin/ beginning to have some fine lines (:O :O yes I said it! ^ ^) this foundation has a finish that is too dry for me and when I look 'dry' (lol) fine lines still show. I need more moisture. So I was a little bit disappointed in the finish because my expectations of an anti-aging foundation where higher. Regardless I'm still going to use this foundation because of the colour, smoothness and good coverage. But only combined with my most moisturizing facial cream.

I created this look when I first used the Nutri Lift foundation:
I hope that this review was useful for you and I'll talk to you soon! ^ ^ Let me know if you have any questions! Leave a comment below or find me on @aliziamakeupbeauty. Have a good day! Xoxo Alizia

zondag 6 april 2014

NEWZ: Real Techniques Miracle Sponge Hype!

If you haven't heard it yet you know now! The Real Techniques Miracle Sponge is the currently most talked about dupe of the Beautyblender and the responses are pretty positive online. Another plus: the Real Techniques sponge only costs about €5 as for the Beautyblender costs € 15. Conclusion: on my shopping list for futur orders. ^ ^ See where to order if you're from the NL in my previous post.

Thank you for reading my blog and will talk yo you doon! ^ ^ have a good one :-D Xoxo Alizia


zaterdag 5 april 2014

My FAVE Online Makeup Stores!

Hi everyone! As promised: my top fave online makeup shops! ^ ^
In no particular order:
Why? Because they have worldwide free delivery first of all! And they sell awesome brands like BarryM, Too Faced, Nars and Stila, Paul & Joe, Models Own, which are hard to find in the Netherlands plus all other more drugstore-ish brands like Rimmel London, Bourjois etc are often in sales with massive reductions! Reasons enough to check it out, most people already know ASOS for it's wide range of fashion items. L.O.V.E. and the delivery is pretty quick considering it's coming from overseas.
Why? This is a dutch webshop with low delivery costs that sells hard to find awesome brands like Real Techniques, Kardashian Beauty, Sigma, SensatioNail, Sleek, BarryM, Models Own & Wet 'n Wild. Also if you order over 45€ they offer free delivery! Super quick delivery, 1 to 2 days L.O.V.E.
Why? Along with only two other website they are the only webshop that sells BH Cosmetics (that I know of) in the Netherlands! This is a small but cute webshop, other brands that you'll find here Real Techniques, MeMeMe, Sleek, BarryM, Beauty UK. Free delivery after 50€ and low delivery fee underneath. Just ordered some Real Techniques and BH Cosmetics here yesterday night!

Why? First of all the only Dutch shop that exclusively sells the legendary Skindinavia Finishing Spray (that I ordered yesterday ^ ^) Super wide range of products, on top of new releases of brands like BH Cosmetics, Real Techniques, BarryM, Beauty UK, EOS, MeMeMe Cosmetics, Sleek Makeup, W7 and more. The only thing I didn't like is that they don't offer free delivery after a certain amount (even at 100€ :S) but ok, still L.O.V.E.
Why? Because of the cute name first of all ^ ^ LOL and they gave me a free gift! The best tweezer of my life! They sell a pretty wide range of cheaper international brands like Milani (I have to get my hands on their blushes!), BH Cosmetics, Lipsmackers, Model in a Bottle, Models Own, Sigma, Wet 'n Wild, Sleek Cosmetics, Real Techniques and more. L.O.V.E. this website. Delivery €5,95 and free delivery from €50 and up. It took a few days when I ordered my Beautyblender, so it might not be the fastest delivery, but I don't mind because this was the first dutch website where I found the Beautyblender.

Here are the stores where I am 100% going to order, but I haven't yet, so it's sort of the wish list ^ ^

Why? ELF is a cheaper brand created by the makeup artist Scott Vincent from New York. This brand is all over youtube and I've heard so many good stories about it. Plus it's ridiculously cheap so I have to BUY & TRY here. The only downside: €6,95 delivery costs unless free delivery at 100€, but that's literally greedy of me to even point out when the makeup is so cheap! XD loll ^ ^

Why? Alohaa! You know why! ^ ^ I LOVE this brand! I wish I could swim in an ocean of KIKO products :D I have already purchased loads of products of this brand throughout the years but I haven't experienced ordering online yet, but I'm sure it will be fine. So the pro's are covered, it's KIKO, now the delivery price: €7,90 underneath €49 and €3 above €49. It's alright, I mean they do have to send it from probably Germany. Ah well, it's KIKO ya know! ^ ^

Why? Just heaps of brands, an endless list and a lot of TRYING & BUYING to do here for me, I'd love to try out brands like Cover FX, ARTDECO and Ardell plus they have loads of brands I haven't even heard of (like ever?). Mostly high end makeup, also the Beautyblender here, so it will be on the expensive side here. A plus: Worldwide Free delivery. I do trust this website because I've seen a lot of famous Youtubers order here, so I'm going to give it a go.

Why? The webshop is so cute and personal, you really get a feel of who is behind this shop and she seems really nice and a true beauty lover ^ ^. I like that kind of approach in a crowded place like the internet. She sells the cheaper international brands like Wet 'n Wild, Sleep, BarryM, MeMeMe Cosmetics and I love the fact that she also sells Lovea: that's an certified organic and vegan brand that makes lovely creams and sunscreens (I have the body & face sunscreen). You can also get Lovea at De Tuinen (just a tip ^ ^), but it says something about the character of the shop owner. I L.O.V.E.
Why? Because sometimes I'm just tired of looking for NARS everywhere else LOL XD They have a European website, so then you just know that there are no extra charges, custom taxes and all that jazz when ordering. Plain normal shopping here and because it's their own website I'm not worried about anything here. The delivery costs for the Netherlands: 10€. But again, the goodies are coming from overseas, plus it's NARS! Like oh my gawww. Can't wait till I get my hands on the Ita brush, it's like a battlefield out there, everybody wants that brush and it's constantly sold out because it's the legendary best contour brush on the market so I've heard (and seen!).

Why? MUA is a well known and often used brand from the UK and I've heard so many good stories about it! It's cheap, fun and I heard it's excellent quality. So I can't wait to order here :D There website looks soooo cute, like right on top of the cute cosmetics vibe plus their colours are right on top of current trends! I just love their UK Looks ^ ^ Plus they have a collection of 1 Pound Lipsticks, like how fab is that? Delivery 4,95 Pounds. I love this website and I'm definitely going to order here.

Why? The only reason I want to order here is because of the brand Lioele! I'm not like a huge BB Cream fanatic, but if you are, this must be heaven for you. This website sells mostly Asian brands, so beware of whitening products! That might sounds scary, but they always mention when it's whitening, so no drama, but just saying. I'm dying to BUY & TRY the Lioele Fresh Dewy Mist finishing spray and the Lioele Shimmer Pearl Base and the princess mirror oh my gawww :D will do in time (money!). Delivery €4,95.

I'm still on the lookout for the following brands online to order in The Netherlands:
Jordana Cosmetics
Face of Australia Cosmetics
and Australis Cosmetics
So the research process will be continued! ^ ^

If you know where I can purchase these brands from the Netherlands please do leave a comment below, or find me on insta @aliziamakeupbeauty, Facebook: The Daily Makeup & Beauty.

I hope that this post was useful to you, let me know what you think and what you fave sites are,

I will talk to you soon, have a fab weekend! Xoxo Alizia ^ ^

MAKE UP HAUL! Flormar, BarryM, Sabon

Hi everyone! Hope you're weekend is starting off fabulously! I've been shopping heaps again and here are the new goodies with swatches! ^ ^

This delicious peach/ pastel coral is exactly what I need for spring/summer 2014: the Flormar Deluxe Cashmere Lipstick Stylo in DC34 "Think Pink", love that name! I always think pink! :D
The coverage is medium and easily buildable to full coverage. I love the creamy texture! No dry lips with this one! Perhaps I will use a nude or light pink lipliner to fill in my lips underneath for longer lasting coverage (because my lips are naturally a bit tanned), but on it's own the colour already looks fierce! See swatch below:
Next from the same line I also bought this stick in the colour DC32 this one doesn't have a name LOL, I'm gonna name it Purple Diamond, because that is what it looks like:
Oh my gaww, this is like shimmer/glitter and coverage in one! But I will say, for me this is a topcoat lipstick, I want more coverage, but that's ok. I planned it like this: I use one of my purple lipsticks and I put this one on top. We tried it on my sister in the Flormar store (because I was wearing a red lippy ^ ^) and it was GORGEOUS totally Glam! It's like 3D with glitter and hard to capture on camera with a pitcure, but here is the best watch I could give you with only this glimmer stick:

Next Flormar stick, this must be my Favorite purchase, because it's something I haven't seen before: the Longwearing Lipstick in L27. Again so hard to capture the effect, but I'll give it a go to describe it the best I can: It's a pink/rosé 3D chrome effect colour and GORGEOUS soooo fashion forward and Fabbb! I love the effect and I'm def gonna do a look with this one soon! Normal to high coverage and creamy application!
Total Makeup Crush! But I want to be sure and do a complete look with it and then it's official! ^ ^Next is this fab dark bordeaux red lipstick, the Flormar SuperShine 525. I love this colour, it's so rich and the coverage is very high. Also the finish is just so Fab & Louis Vuitton, it's like a lip lacquer.

Next is the Flormar Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in J01. It's a Pearly Rosé 3D colour and I LOVE! Plus it's totally waterproof! Who would have thought? But the makeup is not blendable at all, so if you are looking for something to blend with, this is not it. I don't mind, because now I've found an eyepencil/eyeshadow that is 100% smudge & waterproof for summer! They have more fac colours, I might go and get the navy blue too ^ ^. Here are the pictures:
Again: hard to capture multidimensional colours with my phone (the camera is charging lol :P )

Up next my curren FAVE Nailpolish, total Makeup Crush for Life!! The BarryM Gelly High Shine Nail Paint in 407 Rose Hip. I bought this at River Island, ohh my gawww totally brain fried, all this time ordering online, why didn't I think of this before?
I did a messy application in a cocktail bar because I just couldn't wait, so excuse the application and here is my new baby:
It's like a very light pink, it looks so Kim Kardashian I loveeeee! ^ ^ can't wait to apply on my toes as well!

Next is another BarryM, which I am curious to try out, this is more on the fashion/arty side, it's the Nail Effects Nail Paint in 343 White. I've seen pictures on the internet it looked so cool & UK, so can't wait to try!!! :D I'm getting hyper here lol! ^ ^

Next is the Flormar Color Palette Eye Shadow in 07 Nude Dudes, again love the name! I was lacking of some browns and warm tones so I got this at Flormar, they are all matte and a medium coverage, so this is not to do crazy dark smokeys, these are more the transition colours to blend or do wear on their own doing a light natural look. So no crazy pigmentation, but it doesn't bother me with the purpose in mind, we'll see how far it gets me and I'll let you know! Loving the shades though!

The adorable & sweet Flormar Sales Lady gave me this cute try out set of their new skinline: 
It's from the Dry & Sensitive skin line (she let me pick one for my skin type) and it consists of a cleansing milk, a eye makeup remover, a cleansing tonic and a SPF15 Moisturizing Day Cream. 
I tried the day cream on yesterday and I LOVE it. This cream beats a lot of high end expensive creams that I've used. My skin felt so soft after use and the smellll oh my gaww In Love. There's a makeup crush happening right there. It smells like summer! And not greasy at all. I applied 2 coats because I like a bit of shine through my foundation, but you can apply a single layer and be good. It's not the most nurturing cream that I've ever used, but it def does a great job and I'm thinking of buying this as my new spf day cream, because the other one that I have is a little bit too greasy looking to wear during the day.
Last but definitely not least! I wanted a little soap for my kitchen, since I've been renovating the kitchen and I wanted to add a 'chique' soap instead of a pump. And I went to Sabon, one of my Fave soap & lotion stores evaa (together with Lush).
And I bought this cute little Love soap, it's a heartshaped Guest Hand Soap and the smell is kiwi & mango. It smells like heaven!! ^ ^ Totalll Beauty Crush going on!! Doesn't dry out the skin and the smell stays on your skin for ages (and in the kitchen ^ ^). Spa feeling right there!

I'll let you know what I think of all the mentioned products in action!

Thanks again for reading my blog! Have a fab weekend! 

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Xoxo Alizia

vrijdag 4 april 2014

REVIEW: Primark Sultry Lashes

BUY & TRY: I bought these false lashes at Primark recently and I wore them when I went out clubbing with my friends. I love them because the shape is round like my eyes so it fits easily. They don't look very natural but not very fake either, somewhere in the middle. The glue is allright but I prefere my own glue. Overall yes or no? YES for 1,50!

Thanks again for reading my blog ^ ^ @ aliziamakeupbeauty

Xoxo Alizia

dinsdag 25 maart 2014

Purple Romantic Eye

Hi everyone! Yesterday I was in the mood for a romantic look with purple shades on the eyes.

I am a romantic person and I love feminine soft looks with a touch of colour ^ ^

Here are the pictures:

Hi everyone! Yesterday I was in the mood for a romantic look with purple shades on the eyes.

I am a romantic person and I love feminine soft looks with a bit of colour :)

Here are the pictures:

Used products:

l'Oréal Nutri Lift Gold BB Cream (NEW! Review coming up!)
Rimmel London 9-in1 BB Cream Balm in Medium/Dark (NEW! Review coming up!)
Laura Mercier Silk Cream foundation in Beige Ivory (under the eyes instead of concealer) 
M.A.C. Prem + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder under & on top of the eyes
Flormar Loose Powder nr 4 on face
M.A.C. Matte Bronzer M515 (contouring & bronzing)
Saffron London matte pale purple blush (see picture above it's the blush in the middle, u could use any pale purple blush)
M.A.C. Mineralize Skinfinish Highlighter Soft and Gentle (cheek bones, nose, brow bone, cupids bow lip)
M.A.C. Finishing Mist
Hema eye pencil nr 09
Hema brow gel in brown
Miss Sporty Fabulous Eyes Eyeshadow pencil in the shade 060 Purple Dust underneath the lower lashline
H&M White eye pencil in waterline
The same Saffron London matte pale purple blush in crease
The Saffron London pale purple (see picture above) eyeshadow on 3/4 inner side lid
The darker purple on the outer corner of the lid, going into crease and blending it out on top of the blush that I applied in the crease
A white shadow on inner corner of the eye (I used the white in the Saffron London palette)
Bourjois Intense Extrait 03 Eyeshadow (a Nude/Pale Coral eye shimmer) on 3/4 inner side lid and the inner corner of the eye
a cream eyeshadow on the brow bone, I used W7 in the Buff Palette colour Buff
A very thin line of eyeliner, I used the Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in the colour 01 Intense Black (NEW! Swatch is on the blog! ^ ^)
Mascara: Colossal 100% Black by Maybelline
False lashes (I did separate pieces of lashes for a more natural look, but it takes forever before you're done, so next time I'm just applying natural looking one-piece lashes ^ ^ )  
Maybelline glossy balm 610 Cherry Bloom on the lips
Lipstick: Kiko 910 on of my fave light pinks

Hopefully you like this look, let me know if you have any thoughts on it on Facebook or instagram, which products you use, if there's a look you would like me to do etc ^ ^

Have a good day and I'll talk to you girls soon!

Xoxo Alizia

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